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I’m not good at working at night. I am much better getting up in the morning to get in some writing. I don’t like always having to spend the time Emma is in school and in classes always writing. Sometimes, I have to run errands, want to get in a workout or just plain sit in the couch and watch TV (a rarity but especially difficult during the holidays where those cheesy Hallmark movies call my name).

My morning view

Right now I am trying to find a good balance between working on a project that in the future will make me money or focusing on writing articles that will bring in money in the meantime. It’s a tough balance that I feel myself struggling with.

I’m trying to make better use of my time, but I’m not always the best at it. Through this, Emma has had to have a bit more of independent play time as I try to sneak in twenty minutes here and there writing copy, sizing photos, emailing questions or seeking out sources.

I had intentions of really focusing this past week on my big project, but I found myself saying yes to two last minute article assignments knowing that it’s approaching the slow season where freelance budgets are maxed out for the year. Another outlet I occasionally write for is coming to a halt. That makes saying yes to any assignments that come my way even more important. It’s a tough business pitching, endless follow-up emails and sometimes even begging for payment. An article could be a go or not a go based on whether a source or interview subject responds.

I think balance is a key to life whether its work, play or combination of both. Sometimes it is an easy find. Other times not as much. Just yesterday, Emma wanted to play outside in the amazing weather. I had an article subject finally get in touch with me that afternoon- literally the day the article was due. I told Emma that I would play with her for twenty minutes, but then I needed twenty minutes to dictate my interview while she put together a puzzle. Thankfully this isn’t a typical scenario and I usually have more time to get articles done. While the money is needed, my thoughts turned to next year and how Emma will be in school all day. That time I will never get back.

How is Thanksgiving like a week away? The time is just flying by. Last week, AJ came home from dropping Emma off at school with information on registering for Kindergarten. Yes, registration starts Dec 1st for us- insert huge tearing up eyes.

My latest articles for are live now on 13 x Hawaii Ironman finisher Simon Butterworth as well as my last minute article on Journey for Smiles Foundation athlete Declan Fox.

Olivia, Emma’s good deed elf, made her return this week, so we can do a few good deeds before we are off to see family for Thanksgiving. Emma was so excited to come out of her room and see Olivia sitting there. I hope that even when Emma is old enough to understand it all that she will still want to do good deeds with Olivia. It is truly my favorite holiday tradition.

Stay tuned for my post on gratitude and giving back.

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