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A Time For Reflection

Amongst the hustle and bustle of parties, wrapping and then unwrapping presents and bites of sprinkle covered cookies, this season is also a good time for reflection. It seems that two blinks ago we were welcoming in 2017, and now the start of a… Continue Reading “A Time For Reflection”

An Old Pair of Hanna’s

I am never much of a sentimental person when it comes to things. When my sister passed away suddenly in August 2005, my middle sister wanted so many things of hers while I only wanted a few things I have strong personal memories about. The… Continue Reading “An Old Pair of Hanna’s”

The Season of Giving

A long time back, I did a post with the message that gratitude starts with attitude. At Emma’s age, it is hard to teach about gratitude. Kids at this age are naturally self-centered and sometimes it is hard to break through. Here are two things… Continue Reading “The Season of Giving”

Work Balance

I’m not good at working at night. I am much better getting up in the morning to get in some writing. I don’t like always having to spend the time Emma is in school and in classes always writing. Sometimes, I have to run… Continue Reading “Work Balance”

In Loss and Life

A few weeks ago, my mother called to tell me that a very close childhood friend of mine lost her son at 18. This friend and I had grown apart some time around when middle school started. Distance, interests, life choices etc. really led… Continue Reading “In Loss and Life”

The Adventures of a Day Hiker

My stories and photos from the National Parks (and more)

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